Dragon Package - 1 Day

Your Dragon ticket immerses you in a fun and educational adventure at Bali Safari – home to hundreds of amazing animals representing over 60 species.
Your experience will include seeing rare and endangered species, such as the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and the Bali Mynah bird.

Bali Safari Marine Park Dragon Package also an attractive zoo park adventure packages, which will satisfy you with different zoo program sensation offered in Bali safari marine park.

And also become an amazing adventure will made your holiday tour become more exciting with wide range interesting activities offered by Bali Safari Marine Park Dragon Package such as : One times Safari journey, Fresh water aquarium, Lunch at Uma restaurant, Animal show, Harimau show, Elephant show, Silver seat Bali Agung show, Water park, Fun zone, Insurance.

Day 1
Dragon Package Itineraries

* SAFARI JOURNEY : Exciting safari journey will take you on an adventure through Indonesia wildlife habitats, India and Africa to see riches wildlife at close range.

* FRESH WATER AQUARIUM : Meet ferocious Piranhas on Fresh Water Aquarium. With an open space design, aquarium which has many fish collections from Indonesia, South America and Africa.

* HARIMAU SHOW : A compelling storey world’s vanishing tiger population. Opening with a grand pageant relating role of tiger in Balinese history and mythology, show reveals native skills of these big cats play, hunting, climbing and swimming.

* ELEPHANT SHOW, Gentle giants want to connect and tell story through an Elephant Educational show. Inspiring performances from Sumatran Elephants park conveys importance of maintaining harmony between nature and mankind.

* ELEPHANT BACK SAFARI, Remarkable experience as largest land mammal in the world take you on exhilarating journey around, with African themed environment.

*BALI AGUNG SHOW, Timeless journey through magical theatrical performance, that highlights rich culture Bali traditions.

*FUN ZONE & WATER PARK, Get wet and wild at park, or enjoy an array amusement ride at Fun Zone to add your excitement.


  • - Safari Journey (1x)
  • - Fresh Water Aquarium
  • - Animal Show
  • - Harimau Show
  • - Elephant Show
  • - Bali Agung Show (Silver Seat)
  • - Lunch at Uma Restaurant
  • - Waterpark
  • - Tax included

NOT Includes

  • - Extra expenses for your souvenir
  • - Transport are available with us {optional 500k /return transport}

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Dragon Package
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